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Junony 25 – 27

Junony 25 – 27

Metraż: 75.06m2

Kondygnacja: 3. piętro

Pokoje: 4 pokoje

Ogród: nie

Balkon: tak


Cena (brutto): 434.043zł

Cena za m2 (brutto): 5.624zł/m2

Odbiór: Czerwiec 2019

Status: Sprzedane

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Opis mieszkania

4-room apartment with area of 75,06m² and balcony with area of 6,30m².

Spatial arrangement of the apartment makes it well exposed thanks to the south western windows exposure. The architectural arrangement of the premises favors the same rest.

Apartament designed for families with children. It consists of a well-organized living room with kitchenette with area of 21,04m², three rooms 10,17m², 10,90m² and 9,44m², 4,40m² bathroom. In addition, there is a small room with a space area of 2m². It’s ideal as a closet, pantry or clipboard for various household items.

Junony 25

Modern and functional five-storey single-family building. Elegant staircase decorations are achieved thanks to the suspended paintings by young artists. A distinctive elevation inspired by the geometric, contemporary Mondrian style.

Apartament details.