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Junony 25 – 04

Junony 25 – 04

Metraż: 40.73m2

Kondygnacja: parter

Pokoje: 2 pokoje

Ogród: tak

Balkon: nie


Cena (brutto): 235.199zł

Cena za m2 (brutto): 5.634zł/m2

Odbiór: June 2019

Status: Sprzedane

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Opis mieszkania

2-room apartment with area of 40,73m²

A practical choice for the family. The apartment consists of a bedroom with area of 9,94m², well-organized living room with kitchenette with area of 19,82m² and 4,25m² bathroom. The architectural design of rooms provides optimal choice for those who appreciate comfort without need of large spaces.

An additional advantage of the apartment is a garden of approximately area of 10.00m², allowing for a restless and healthy rest.

Junony 25

Modern and functional five-storey single-family building. Elegant staircase decorations are achieved thanks to the suspended paintings by young artists. A distinctive elevation inspired by the geometric, contemporary Mondrian style.

Apartament details.