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Junony 23

Junony 23

Bet on the beauty and functionality! Junony 23 is a modern design that delights with a well thought out layout and attractive appearance.

It’s also a great place for you and your family. Ogrody Diany estate are spacious apartments ranging from
45 m2 to even 80 m2!

In the common areas of the building, you will find original paintings of modern art. You will instantly connect to the Internet through the availability of optical fiber. Everywhere you will get easy.

Thanks to the thoughtful design, the whole estate is adapted for the disabled. Art and modernity are within reach of your hand!

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Relax like a painted

Give yourself a moment to rest! Next to Ogrody Diany estate, you will find a park with playground, skatepark, sports grounds and shopping centers. And if you choose a quiet day in the apartment – you can count on peace. With high class sound insolation you will forget the noise. Rest is within your reach!

Nature like painted

Let the green posses you! Ogrody Diany is a specially designed place full of flowers and trees among which you will rest. Near the estate you will also find the majestic Tricity Landscape Park, and for water enthusiasts waits Lake Wysocka and Osowskie water. Nature is within your reach!

Infrastructure as painted

Everywhere is close from the Ogrody Diany estate! Close to the PKM and ZTM stops (train and bus stops), thanks to that, it is easy to get not only to the Tri-City, but also in the direction of Kaszuby. In a few minutes you can also be on the Tricity Bypass, where all Poland is open. Tri-City is within your reach!


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